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Ministry Outreaches
Outreach Address Description
The Gathering Place Church
1601 Hawaii Ave. Alamogordo, NM 88310 The Gathering Place Church is a unique house of worship, inviting all who desire an open place of worship to attend; and, share our open microphone as the Spirit leads and directs
Otero Welcome Home Recovery Center
1601 Hawaii Ave. Alamogordo, NM 88310 Otero Welcome Home Recovery Center is a faith based Christian program for men struggeling to free themselves from various addictions, obsessions and habits that may be tormenting them and controlling their lives. Some participants reside in the dormitory facility & some off campus
Otero Community Greenhouse
1601 Hawaii Ave. Alamogordo, NM 88310 Otero Community Greenhouse is a 27 ft. X 120 ft. modern greenhouse utilizing both hydroponics and aquaponics to obtain tremendous year-around yeilds of berries, green vegetables and root crops that are truly organic & chemical free,
United Christian Fund
P.O. Box 7298 Chandler, AZ 85246
America's most unique charity, publishing one appeal each month in behalf of an individual suffering financial tragedy. Each appeal is accompanied by an envelope addressed to the individual, enabeling the donor to mail their gift directly to the person in need.
The Spokesmen USA
PO Box 1 Alamogordo, NM 88311 The Spokesmen USA Newspaper is a highly conservative 12 page tabloid, inviting the general public to contrbute articles to be reviewed, selected and published as the editor sees fit. Articles contain full credits to originator.

Brothers of Christ International was founded in 1975 by Charles W. Bush as a result of frequent encounters with highly qualified ministers who were losing their credentials with non-charasnatic Christian Organizations. The loss of credential in some cases rendered them unable to minister in jails, prisons, nursing facilities and hospitals; and, although in most cases this would prove to be a temporary situation, Wes Bush knew that the Lord wanted these men fully able to minister wherever He sent them.

Little did Wes know what the Lord was setting in motion. Now, many years later, hundredm of ministers, ministeries, missionaries, churches and Christian Schools have been established and operate to the Glory of God all over the world, all without binding ties with Brothers of Christ International and without financial demand Brothers of Christ International of any kind. Most of them have equipped themselves with 501c3 tax empt status and many of them have grown to enourmous size and effectiveness free from organizational restraint.

Wes Bush, now elderly, has turned most of the reigns of the organzation over to others; and, has relaxed in the arms of Jesus awaiting his homegoing as he enjoys seeing and hearing about the fruit born of ministries begun as a result of a Brothers of Christ International encounter.